There is nothing that can compare to the exhilaration of presenting! I've been in front of the camera for 15 years and still love
every minute!

"A confident, outgoing, televison presenter with fifteen years experience in the niche of antiques expert. Television credits include (for the BBC) Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Trip, Flog It and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and (for ITV) the principle presenter of Secret Dealers. Able to work quickly and professionally often under considerable time pressure I am seeking opportunities to expand my presenting range. If you have a format, project or idea it would great to connect and have an initial conversation"


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Bargain Hunt


Synoposis - Two teams of amateur collectors have an hour at an antiques fair, with an expert, in which to acquire the best bargains possible with £300. Both teams then compete to sell their finds for the best price at auction. 


Disciplines - able to work quickly, often under pressure and with a diverse range of members of the public.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 


Synopsis - Two antiques experts are pitched against each other buying items from a variety of locations and then selling them for the most profit. All profits are donated to charity. 


Filmed on a tight time scale I have to organise the purchase and sale of the items, working with a small crew on location to achieve quick and effective results. 

Secret Dealers


Synopsis - A group of antiques dealers are invited to look around a house and submit secret sealed bids on any items they would like to buy.


Although an antiques orientated show I thoroughly enjoyed my role as sole presenter and host. This showcases my versatility in both pieces to camera and post produced voice over segments.

Antiques Road Trip


Synopsis - Two antiques experts travel in vinatge cars around the country visiting a range of antique shops and centres, negotiating the best prices for an auction showdown. 


Working closely with another expert and the film crew to make this programme on a demanding schedule. 

Corporate, charity & product presentations